Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®

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Celebrate with us on  Thursday March 21st

What is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (AIKD)?

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (AIKD) is an annual celebration in honor of youth, hosted by the national youth development organization, Camp Fire. On AIKD, adults and teens are asked to write letters of encouragement and inspiration. It is a simple, meaningful way to let youth know how important they are and how much they are appreciated.

As a Camp Fire camp, Talooli will participate in this day of celebration by encouraging all Talooli parents and families to make an effort to recognize the children in their lives. Whether you recognize children through your words, a letter, or a gesture of love, this is a day to remind children of the positive impact that they have on our lives and the world.

Why should I participate in AIKD?

Adults sometimes forget to stop and tell a child how important he or she is, and AIKD is a reminder to do just that.  Positive reinforcement and words of encouragement can help children to make better decisions, build self-esteem, and even be more compassionate & successful. This type of positive communication can also serve to strengthen the important bond between kids and adults.

What’s so special about a letter?

A letter is personal, tangible and something a person can hold onto for years to come. Through written words, people can express emotions they may hold back in conversation. And, during the often-challenging times of adolescence, children may be more open to reading a letter than having a conversation.

How do I participate?

Send the kids in your life a letter, note, postcard, e-mail, or simply tell them how special they are. Be creative by slipping notes into lunchboxes, under pillows, in backpacks, write it in sidewalk chalk, or e-mail it.

Some ideas and tips for getting started:

  • Make a list of adjectives that describe the child: funny, smart, skillful, helpful, caring.
  • Describe things that you enjoy or appreciate about him or her.
  • Be specific and be descriptive. Use humor. Don’t lecture.
  • Don’t worry about the length. A brief note can be cherished as much as lengthy letter.
  • Begin with a favorite poem or famous quote that has special meaning to you.
  • Remember fun times or special moments you and the child have shared. Refer to these events and tell the child what you enjoyed about that time.

Sentence starters:

  • "Do you know what I like about you? I like it when you ..."
  • “I know that growing up today is sometimes really hard…”
  • “This letter is my way of letting you know that you are special and that someone is thinking about you.”
  • “I hope you discover what your own talents are and share them with the world.”

Click here for AIKD stationary.


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