Meet the Staff 2017 - Nate

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Meet the Staff 2017!

Camp Talooli has one of the greatest summer staffs around. With nearly 75% of our staff returning each year, our staff members are incredibly skilled, innovative, and enthusiastic about sharing their love of summer camp with Talooli campers. This is a way for us to share just how special each of our counselors, program staff, and leaders are.



Nate Murphy

Position at Camp this summer:

Counselor and Lifeguard

How many years have you been coming to Camp Talooli?

13 years! Nate was a Talooli camper and CIT before he joined our staff. Nate is also one of our two youth members on our Board of Directors.

What is the funniest thing a camper has ever said to you?

(Like Obi-Wan Kenobi) "This is not the stick you're looking for."

If you could live in another country for one year, where would you go?

I'd really like to travel and see a lot of different places, so choosing just one is pretty tough. I love helping people in need though, so a third world country like Sudan would be cool on a mission trip or some sort of volunteering.

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Definitely Robin Hood, because I just love the story.

What type of career are you planning to pursue?

Music Education or Vocal Performance

What is your favorite theme week at Camp?

Peter Pan, because it's a Camp Talooli classic. Or, Wild West because I love pancake relays.

What are you most looking forward to about this summer?

Enjoying a fun summer with kids and giving them the experiences that I had as a young kid.

What are the most important skills you have learned working at Camp?

Leadership, independence, kindness towards people and nature; maturity and so much more!

Are there certain things that your friends/family just "don't get" about your love for Camp Talooli?

Growing up at Camp Talooli is just that. It's growing up. The amount of progression that takes place in a child's life as they experienceCamp from a camper through CITs to maybe even being a counselor is a beautiful thing. It's a gift and I feel truly priveledged to have grown up at Camp Talooli. Learning so many valuable skills while just having fun. You don't realize it till you see it in effect during the school year or at a job or anything really but camp teaches you a lot. Although this great development takes place; it's still the most fun I ever had growing up. Camp is full of value but it's still so enjoyable and so great for kids to have as a vacation from school. So much is structured in a child's life, so much is set out for them. When there is a left or right somebody has told them which direction to go for a majority of their lives, but not at camp. At camp kids get to make so many more choices than in many other aspect of their lives, all while still being in a safe and fun environment. Independence and leadership and kindness and compassion towards people and nature are just a few of the many things you learn growing up at camp!


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