What We Do

For the past 70 years Camp Talooli has offered area youth the opportunity to enjoy themselves while learning and growing through its programs.  Camp Talooli is an authentic children’s summer camp, with activities geared toward teaching campers life skills to help them become caring, confident youth and future leaders.

Camp Talooli will be the home to close to 1,500 children from the Central New York area this summer; however, there are many children who will not have the opportunity to benefit from the socials skills, character building, emotional growth, and educational opportunities that the Talooli experience provides. 

Why We Need Your Support

For some children, summertime means camp, visits to museums, parks, and libraries, and access to a variety of fun and enriching activities.  But for many low-income children, the reality of summer is far from this ideal.

When the school doors close for the summer, too many children lack access to quality educational and developmental opportunities as well as basic needs like healthy meals, and safe places to be with adult supervision.  As a result, they experience setbacks in academic performance which affects their ability to succeed as well as those children who have access to summer programs. They also face nutritional setbacks which contribute to the problem of childhood obesity.

How Your Gift Will Be Used

By supporting Camp Talooli's Campership Fund, you will give local youth including those with special needs, the resources to attend day and resident camp at Camp Talooli.  What greater gift could you give to your own community than to invest in its future by creating opportunities for financially disadvantaged children to learn and practice valuable life skills?   This is an integral step in ensuring that future generations are not placed at the same disadvantage.

By supporting Camp Talooli in general, you will help us to continue to offer quality programming and facilities to the children that take part in our programs each year.  There is no better way to contribute to your own community than to play a role in developing its future leaders. .

A simple tax-deductible contribution will provide the experience of a lifetime for a child.  We hope that you will strongly consider giving a gift to Camp Talooli  this year.

Send your gift to:

Camp Talooli
71A State Street
Phoenix, NY 13135