Throwdown Events


Talooli Throwdown Events are day-long events that bring together teams of participants representing area schools, homeschool organizations and/or community groups as they create their own art in fun and challenging timed events. The format of each throwdown will blend the networking of a professional conference with the team building of an interscholastic competition. It will all take place outdoors and be inspired by nature. The teams will also interact with professional artists at work in the forest and along the shore of Camp Talooli’s private lake.

Throwdown Directors

Stacey Pope is the Coordinator of each event.  Stacey is an independent teaching artist and a Nationally Board Certified Art Teacher, with over 30 years experience as a high school art teacher.  

Jeff Peneston is the Project Manager.  Jeff is the 2011 NYS Teacher of the Year, a NYS Master Science Teacher, and has been the Camp Talooli Program Director for over 30 years.

Upcoming Events

Talooli Art Throwdown: Saturday May 13, 2017
Talooli STEAM Throwdown: Saturday Oct 7, 2017