Meet the Staff 2018 - A.J.

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Meet the Staff 2018!

Camp Talooli has one of the greatest summer staffs around. With about 80% of our staff returning this year, our staff members are incredibly skilled, innovative, and enthusiastic about sharing their love of summer camp with Talooli campers. 



AJ Mesa

Position at Camp this summer:

Boating Director

How many years have you been coming to Camp Talooli?

More than 10 years! AJ was a Talooli camper and CIT before becoming a counselor. This will be his second summer working as our Boating Director.

Tell us about your job this summer.

My job this summer is Boating Director. I supervise the boating program at Camp Talooli, as well as teaching campers the proper boating skills and techniques. The most exciting part is watching a camper go from boating in circles to being a canoeing champ! The most challenging is getting the occasional camper that is scared of the water, but that is a challenge I am ready to meet.

Wbat is the funniest thing a camper has ever said to you?

The funniest thing a camper has tried to tell me was when a camper tried to convince me that there was a shark in the lake - which there isn't. He told me that there was nothing to worry about, "'cause the turtles were on the case."

What is your favorite Disney movie?

My favorite kid's movie is Treasure Planet, becuase it's all about the sense of adventure that can be found in anyone and everyone.

What type of career are you currently pursuing?

I am currently pursuing a career in education. I plan on teaching mathematics.

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