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Meet the Staff 2018!

Camp Talooli has one of the greatest summer staffs around. With about 80% of our staff returning this year, our staff members are incredibly skilled, innovative, and enthusiastic about sharing their love of summer camp with Talooli campers. 



Brian Lawler

Position at Camp this summer:

CIT Director

How many years have you been coming to Camp Talooli?

14 years! Brian was a Talooli camper and CIT before becoming a counselor. He started working with our counselors in training last summer.

Tell us about your job this summer.

This summer I'll be working as a Co-Director of counselor-in-training program. Along with the rest of the CITeam, I'll plan various lessons and activities that teach our CITs all about being a camp counselor. The exciting part of my job is getting to work with and educate the next generation of counselors. Also, watching how they grow closer to each other as the week goes on.

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Merry Christmas Drake and Josh is one of my favorite movies of all time. Its a great story about two brothers wanting to throw the best Christmas ever for a group of foster kids. Its my favorite, because it will make you laugh, cry, and has a guy throwing blocks of cheese into a wood chipper to create snow! What more could you possibly want from a movie?

What type of career are you currently pursuing?

I'm currently studying human services and plan on becoming a camp director in the future. But, I also have bigger plans to one day be the President/CEO of the American Camp Association. In the fall, Brian will be a junior at Canisius College.

What are you most looking forward to about this summer?

I'm looking forward to being part of our Leadership Team and getting to work more directly with the staff throughout the summer.

Are there certain things that your friends/family just "don't get" about your love for Camp Talooli?

My friends don't understand why I continue to come back and willingly spend the majority of my summer working away in the woods. Now that I'm getting older, they think its kind of silly to still be working at a summer camp, but they don't get how special this camp is to me and how amazing it is to watch kids grow and change right before your eyes.

What is your favorite part about working on staff at Camp Talooli?

My favorite part about being on staff at Camp is getting to work with a group of people who are all passionate about what they do and genuinely enjoy being able to work at Camp.

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