Meet the Staff 2018 - Missy

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Meet the Staff 2018!

Camp Talooli has one of the greatest summer staffs around. With about 80% of our staff returning this year, our staff members are incredibly skilled, innovative, and enthusiastic about sharing their love of summer camp with Talooli campers. 



Missy Henderson

Position at Camp this summer:

CIT Instructor

How many years have you been coming to Camp Talooli?

8 years! Missy was a Talooli camper and CIT before becoming a counselor. This will be her first summer working as a CIT Instructor.

Tell us about your job this summer.

I was hired to be a CIT Instructor and work with the CIT 1s and 2s, alongside Karissa and Brian. I look forward to working with a group to help teach them skills for their future at Camp. The change from being a counselor to CIT Instructor is huge, but I'm alwasy excited to try new things.

Wbat is your favorite thing a camper has ever said to you?

"Here. This is an invasive species." The camper handed me a rock from the lake.

What is your favorite Disney movie?

My favorite Disney movie growing up was Mulan! I adore Mulan's bravery and devotion to her family, and in doing so she made a positive impact on histroy.

What type of career are you currently pursuing?

A career in marketing. I love coming up with new ways to help cater to specific needs or to reach a wider audience.

Are there certain things that your friends/family just don't get about your love for Camp Talooli?

Apart from just how fun the camp environment is, the staff is extremely devoted to their jobs and always looking for new ways to improve. You will never find a more passionate staff than at a summer camp. It's also heartwarming being able to work with kids and change their lives, even if they are only physically at Camp for one week.

What is your favorite part about working on staff at Camp Talooli?

My favorite part about being on staff is seeing how all the different leaders come together and put on a sort of production every week. From the program to the campers, there are new elements each week and no two weeks are the same!

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