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Why to Choose Camp Talooli

Hello parents! I am sure that most of you know that sending your child to summer camp can provide them with a great experience and a world of new and exciting opportunities.  It is no secret to us though that some parents are hesitant to send their children to summer camp.  Recently we put out a survey to ask parents why they chose to send their child to summer camp and why they enjoyed the experience.  If you are a parent who still needs a little convincing that sending your child to summer camp is a good decision, look at what some of our camp parents had to say. 

Why Parents Choose to Send their Kids to Summer Camp

Parents choose to send their children to camps for a number of reasons.  For our parents, the thing that got them most excited about sending their child to summer camp was the fact that they would be exposed to and provided with countless opportunities to experience new and different things they may not be able to somewhere else.  

Camp is a great way to expose your child to new and exciting things.  It gets them out of their comfort zone and helps them to discover new interests in things they would have never thought of doing before.  They can create memories and have experiences that will last them a lifetime.  Another reason parents choose to send their summer camp is to get them outdoors and away from all their technology.  Everything we do at Camp Talooli is done outdoors and without the use of electronics.  Campers cannot have their phones or other devices, there are no televisions to sit around and watch, and there are no video game systems to be played.  Summer camp is an escape from all those things and it allows campers and staff alike to reconnect with the outdoors and truly experience nature.   

Why Parents Choose Camp Talooli

Over the last few years our camper enrollment numbers have continued to get bigger and bigger.  One of the main ways that people hear about our camp is by word of mouth.  Parents have continually recommended us to their friends and family’s as a place they should send their children, but why? Why are they recommending us and what are they saying? 

When we asked parents why they decided on choosing Camp Talooli one of the biggest reasons for choosing us is our wide assortment of daily camp activities.  Parents have really come to enjoy our programming and how our activities are run.  All of our activities allow campers the chance to expand their skill set and knowledge of something that may have been previously unfamiliar to them.  Each week campers have to opportunity to do archery, go fishing, go out into the woods and use our low ropes challenge course, go swimming and boating in our own private lake, and much more. 

If camp’s location seems a bit far away from you there is no need to worry.  Another big factor for parents in choosing Camp Talooli is our wide variety of day camp bus stops.  Each week we have two busses of day campers come in that get picked up from all around Syracuse (check website for locations).  So, there is no need to worry about driving your child all the way to camp while still trying to get to work on time, our busses will bring them to and from camp.  Our camp parents know that sending their child to Talooli is a decision they won’t regret. 

What Our Camp Parents Are Saying

Camp Talooli has been fortunate enough to garner a positive reputation in the community, something we can attribute to campers and parents alike. Parents have described us as; an awesome experience for your child, a fun learning environment, an amazing place with great leadership, a great opportunity for kids to spend time outside making new friends and working together, and so much more.  Talooli is summer camp as it should be; rustic, outdoors, and away from technology.  It is a safe environment to try new things and fail at them.  Not everyone is an expert at archery, fishing, boating, etc.  Our camp provides kids the chance to learn from the mistakes they may be making and improve upon them to become the best that they can be.  

If you are a parent who is still wondering if Camp Talooli is the right fit for your child, the answer is yes.  We accept all children and will accommodate for all children.  Our staff is highly trained and works to provide your child with the best experience possible.  So, when thinking about finding something for your child to do over the summer we hope you choose to send them to send them here.     

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