Virtual Tour

Duff Lodge

Duff is where all of the meals take place for the Resident Campers. Duff also provides shelter on a rainy day and has flush toilets.

Boating Area/Lake Temalo

The Boating Area is where campers get the opportunity every day to go boating, kayaking, or take out a row boat.  All campers wear lifejackets and get the chance to paddle.  Fishing also takes place in the Boating Area

Swimming Area

The Swimming Area is where campers get the opportunity each day to go swimming in the lake.  Lifeguards are always present and use a Buddy System.  Campers are either Green Tags (non swimmers), White Tags (intermediate swimmers), or Yellow Tags (advanced swimmers)

Art Barn

The Art Barn is where campers go several times a week to create art projects based on the week's theme

Nature Den

The Nature Den is the home base for the Camp's Nature Program.  Here, campers meet multiple times a week before headed off to explore camp and learn about nature

Challenge Course

The Tall Pines Challenge Course is an area on the outskirts of camp used for 12 low ropes team-building elements.  Campers vist the Challenge Course multiple times a week and work with their counselor and fellow campers to complete tasks set before them

Flag Field

We begin and end everyday on the Flag Field.  The day begins with Flag Raising, songs, and announcements, and ends with Flag Lowering and lost & found.  During the day the field is often used for games and special activities

Totem Lodge/Archery Area

Totem Lodge houses the Camp Office as well as the Camp Nurse.  The Archery Area is where campers have the opportunity once a week to use bows and arrows and try to hit the target

Cabin Sites

There are 5 cabins sites at Camp Talooli.  Kema is for the youngest Resident Camp girls, Eluta is for the oldest girls.  Ayan is for the youngest Resident Camp boys, Okihi is for the Oldest.  The Log Cabins houses the Counselors In Training