Capital Campaign

For nearly 75 years, Camp Talooli has been a place for children to reconnect with nature, practice independence, find belonging, and become leaders. Today more than ever, families, schools, and community organizations are drawn to Camp Talooli to help children grow. Our vision for Camp Talooli is to be a year-round destination for children, young adults, and families to experience the outdoors and develop as leaders.

Over the past 5 years, the number of people Camp Talooli serves has more than doubled. Between summer camp, school groups and family camping, Talooli serves about 5,000 people each year and we are rapidly outgrowing our existing facilities. The focus of our capital campaign is to support the growing need for year-round educational space with the completion of Nokomis Lodge, followed by related improvements.



PHASE 1 - Complete!

Phase 1 of our capital campaign is complete. We have combined the gift of a major donor with our own invested resources to clear land and build the edifice of a new multi-purpose building, Nokomis Lodge. We broke ground in October of 2018 for Nokomis Lodge and have continued work this spring.


Phase 2 is now underway and ongoing. This phase aims to complete the interior of Nokomis Lodge by the end of 2019, approximately one year after construction began. This will include interior construction (framing, insulation, drywall, etc), masonry, and furnishings. To make this happen, we are applying to foundations for support as well as relying on fundraising efforts within our constituency and vendor community.  

Read more about Nokomis Lodge here: PHASE 2 - Nokomis Lodge

Read more about how to contribute to our campaign here: Ways to Contribute


Phase 3 of the campaign consists of a series of smaller projects designed to upgrade and overhaul our facilities over the course of several years, as seasonal volunteer labor is available. These projects include replacing our aging swimming docks, financing a new cam truck and snow plow, building a new shower house, building a new year-round ranger house and camp office, and upgrading our Challenge Course to include high-ropes elements.

For a more detailed list of the components and costs of the campaign, click here: Capital Campaign Outline


Campaign Documents

Capital Campaign Outline

Capital Campaign Case Statement

Capital Campaign Letter

PHASE 1 - Complete!