Teacher Reviews

Teacher Reviews of Field Trips to Camp Talooli

Superintendent of Schools, Phoenix Central Schools

“Camp Talooli has provided our (high school) students with opportunities to practice leadership skills in a variety of outdoor activities, while working with teachers and administrators.  Camp Talooli stands far above other field trip experiences because it is interactive and focused on students learning and implementing leadership strategies to improve their own school culture and climate.  This experience has always built pride in our students and adults and has been a memorable experience for everyone who has ever attended.”

ENL Teacher, Grant Middle School

“Our desired outcomes were to build community between students and staff. We engaged in activities that directly supported these outcomes by going boating, creating dream catchers and completing team building elements at the Challenge Course. I cannot get past how wonderful the staff were. They set expectations and managed behavior with skill and grace. The staff built a smooth, friendly rapport that made it easy for students to engage.” 

5th Grade Teacher, Van Buren Elementary

“We have been coming to Camp Talooli for 24 years now.  We choose to take our students on this special outdoor experience that they will remember for a life time.  We want to teach our young people a deep appreciation of nature, the value of creativity, and the joy of being together as a community.  They hike, canoe, sing, act, story tell, learn about nature, and simply have fun.  We have many former students who love to share their favorite stories or songs of Camp Talooli. Last year, our graduating seniors walked through Van Buren for a final goodbye.  We heard them singing Camp Talooli songs as the buses pulled away.”

Earth Science Teacher, Liverpool High School

“Former students always ask "Do you still take students to Camp Talooli?" They don't remember the labs, worksheets, or tests that I give in class. But, they do remember the authentic, place-based experiential learning that took place outside the classroom.” “Camp Talooli helped to build a capacity in our students for productive collaboration between peers and with adults. Team building through goal orientated tasks in the field allows students to engage in collaborative skill building - for both hard skills (how to use a piece of scientific equipment) and soft skills (how to communicate with each other in a productive manner). Camp Talooli experiences tend to be interactive with an emphasis on team building and social engagement.  The staff is very passionate about what they do! Camp Talooli offers a sense of "wilderness".

SPED Teacher, Chestnut Hill Elementary

“We were surprised by the flexibility of the staff and by the vast number of options that we could choose from for our day. It was very helpful that Jeff came to our school to meet with our students.  After his visit, the students were much more excited to visit Talooli.  We were looking for team building activities that also helped us achieve common core standards at our grade levels.  This trip was much different than most other field trips we've taken. Students were exposed to activities that many of them had never experienced before, and students were encouraged to step out of their comfort zones with the support of the other students and the school and Talooli staff.

8th Grade Math Teacher, Central Square Middle School

“What impressed us the most was that students were able to step outside of their comfort zones in order to participate in activities that were completely new to them. Many students who usually do not, also took on leadership roles.  Students were engaged throughout the day and were able to learn academic and life skills on a trip they will always remember. Jeff’s visit with our students and staff prior to the trip helped prep the students for the day and increased student “buy-in.” By clarifying the expectations and outcomes of the day before the trip, we were able to spend more time on the activities and less on management.” 

ENL Teacher, Franklin Elementary

“I work in an urban elementary school serving students in grades K-5.  Our student population is 90% economically disadvantaged and about 45% English Language Learners.  The students and staff at my school think that this is one of the best field trips ever!  There are endless possibilities for curricular connections across all content areas.  Camp Talooli is a classroom without walls where students, teachers and family members who chaperone have a well-organized, fun filled day gaining new knowledge and experiencing many things for the very first time.  It is the ideal location and experience for acquiring language.  A single day at Talooli provides endless opportunities for hearing spontaneous language even from children who rarely speak in the classroom.”

SPED Teacher, Liverpool High School

“The day we spend at Camp Talooli creates bonds between all of us that now has transferred into the classroom. My main goal was to get the kids to become more of a closer group and feel a special bond with their peers and their teachers.  The challenge courses and activities did just that.  I saw and heard a lot of encouragement, willingness to help each other out and the best part - lots and lots of laughter!!”

5th & 6th graders from Chestnut Hill Elementary

“I loved exploring what was in the lake with a net!  My group even got to see a squirming fish. That was our lucky catch!”

“My favorite part of the trip was cooking (over an outdoor fire). I got to make cornbread and garlic cheese biscuits. Delicious!!!”

“Thanks for letting us do activities like boating, cooking, art, challenge course and science. My favorite activity was boating…five-star rating!!! Overall the whole day was AMAZING.”  

“My favorite part of the day was making s’mores on the campfire and having a good time with my friends.”  

“It was fun going canoeing for the first time.”  

“I really loved being in a canoe a lot a lot… it was my first time in a boat too so ya it was awesome.”